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JESSICA BROMLEY BARTRAM is an illustrator, graphic designer, writer and embroidery enthusiast who lives in Ottawa with her partner Ian and beagle-mutt Eleanor. She spends her days as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, often combining both parts of her job for both client and personal projects. Her collection of illustrated short stories, Ghost Water Kiss, was published in 2019 by Popnoir Editions. She recently illustrated a picture book, Charles by Stephen Hume, for Fitzhenry and Whiteside, and has also published work in The Globe and Mail and CAROUSEL.

SCOTT CARRUTHERS is an artist based in Toronto, Canada who exhibits regularly in the GTA and across the country. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1994 and Sheridan College in 1999. He was a co-founder and exhibiting artist in the Impure Collective, a group of artists who organized exhibitions in Toronto between 1994 and 1998. He co-founded Fly Gallery with Tanya Read, a storefront window which functioned as an alternative exhibition space for artists, from 1999 to 2011. When not compulsively drawing, Carruthers plays drums in the band, Ethel and The Mermen. Carruthers' first graphic novel, The Noiseless Din, will be published in fall 2020 by Popnoir Editions.

GUSTAVE MORIN is a Windsor-based artist and writer. He is currently hard at work on 3 separate projects: Gongo Dodan, his first slim volume of poetry; These Lumber Steel Against the Concrete, his next slab of typewriter poems; and The Candy Butcher, a collection of experimental comic book works which will be released by Popnoir Editions in spring 2021.

BEN O'NEIL is a Toronto-based illustrator, artist and writer. He has self-published two publications, the comic TOBACCO and the curated art book Modern Laundry, as well as co-writing The Sunset Channel, a short film which was released in late 2018. His first full-length graphic novel, Apologetica, was published in 2019 by Popnoir Editions.

MARK CONNERY is an artist & zine maker who’s always called Toronto home. His first book, Melamine Car Bomb, was published in 2011 by Half World Books. A 240-page compilation of his notorious Rudy mini-comix (spanning over 20 years worth of zines) was published in 2014 by 2D Cloud to critical acclaim. — more on Mark here

JESSE JACOBS was born in Moncton, NB. He draws comics and things from his home in Hamilton, ON. In 2009, his books Small Victories and Blue Winter were shortlisted for Doug Wright Awards for Canadian Cartooning. Jacobs is currently developing his first video game, Spinch. — jessejacobs.ca

is a Canadian artist, writer, editor and graphic designer — and the creator of The 4PANEL Project. He curates the strips that appear on 4panel.ca, and, as project founder, is also naturally an active artist-participant. Recent books include: BRICKBRICKBRICK (BookThug), Grey Supreme 01 (Koyama Press), asemanticasymmetry (Anstruther Press), BookBook (above/ground) and Explosive Comic (Swimmers Group). — marklaliberte.com

is a Nepali-American cartoonist & illustrator. His comics have been listed in several editions of The Best American Comics anthology. His illustration work has appeared in The New Yorker, Playboy and Hazlitt. He is currently working on an ongoing horror/noir comics series, Genus. — anujink.com

JONATHAN DYCK is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Treaty 1 Territory. His illustrations and comics have been featured in Geez, Maisonneuve and The Walrus. Occasionally, he sells zines and other wares at local craft fairs. His most recent comics collection, No Goals, is a revisionist take on toxic sports culture. — jonathandyck.com

DRAZEN KOZJAN is a Toronto-based illustrator, designer and storyboard artist. Among the children’s books he’s illustrated are Working Mummies (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) and Diary of a Fairy Godmother (Hyperion). His work has been exhibited in Galerie Daniel Maghen (Paris) and Nucleus Gallery (LA) and others. He writes and illustrates his baby, The Happy Undertaker Mysteries, an ongoing, creeping web, print and multimedia comic project. — drazenkozjan.com

HARTLEY LIN (also known by the pseudonym Ethan Rilly) is a cartoonist from Toronto. His comic book Pope Hats has received Doug Wright, Ignatz and Joe Shuster awards. He has drawn for The New Yorker, Walrus, Slate, Chronicle, HarperCollins and COMPLEX. He now lives in Montreal. His latest graphic novel, Young Frances, debuted in 2018 from AdHouse Books. — popehats.ca

ERIK NEBEL is a nonbinary cartoonist living in Portland, Oregon. Their book of comics, Well Come, was published by Yeti Press in 2014. Their work has appeared in Best American Comics 2015, and listed under Notable Comics in Best American Comics 2016. — eriknebel.tumblr.com

SAMPLERMAN is one of the incarnations of the cartoonist Yvang, a collagist experimenting ad infinitum. His surrealist non-stories have been featured in many publications like Off Life, Smoke Signal, Ink Brick, Lagon, The Village Voice and Scratches. Fearless Colors, a collection of works made between 2012 and 2015, was recently published by kuš! — samplerman.tumblr.com

FIONA SMYTH is a Toronto-based cartoonist, painter, illustrator and educator whose feminist artwork has exhibited internationally. Smyth collaborated with writer and sex educator Cory Silverberg on the kids’ series What Makes A Baby in 2013, and Sex Is A Funny Word in 2015, both published by Seven Stories Press. Somnambulance, a massive 368pg collection of over 30 years of Smyth’s comics, was published in 2018 by Koyama Press. — fiona-smyth.blogspot.com

MARTA CHUDOLINSKA is a multidisciplinary artist born in Poland and based in Toronto, Canada. She has been publishing her work (and collaborative work with other artists) under the name Private Spectacle Press since 2012. Chudolinska’s work encompasses a broad range of print and publications, including comics, artist books, zines, relief prints and risograph prints of original papercut art. Publications include Last Playlist (2013), Morphis (2014), Genesis (2015), and the work-in-progress, Babcia, a papercut comic about her grandmother and her family’s history in Poland. — martachudolinska.com

JEAN deMERS is an illustrator and comic artist living in Toronto, Canada whose work is inspired by fantasy and adventure. He is one-third of Wavering Line Collective, which puts out an award-nominated, bi-annual magazine of comics and illustration; and co-owns Bullywug Press, specializing in risograph printing/zine assembly. — jeandemers.com

AARON LINTON is an image maker based in Toronto, Canada. By day, he is a CG Supervisor and Director working in the children’s animation industry, on series like Justin Time and Angela Anaconda. — aaronlinton.com

DAKOTA McFADZEAN is a Canadian cartoonist who has been published by MAD Magazine, The New Yorker, The Best American Comics and Funny or Die. He has also worked as a storyboard artist for DreamWorks. McFadzean is an alumni of The Center for Cartoon Studies. He has two books available from Conundrum Press: Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On (2013), and Don’t Get Eaten by Anything (2015), which collects three years of daily comic strips. His latest, Murray Geister: Paranormal Investigator, is forthcoming. McFadzean currently lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons. — dakota-mcfadzean.com

BRIAN ROPPEL is an illustrator and comic artist living in Toronto, Canada. He enjoys working with people and creating images and stories that use wordplay to explore alternative meanings behind everyday expressions. — brianroppel.com