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Debuting at TCAF 2020

104pg offset / 8.5″H x 7″W / perfect-binding / varnish enhancement on cover

ISBN: 978-0-9810402-3-3

THE NOISELESS DIN is a long-form experimental graphic novel created by Toronto's Scott Carruthers over a three-year period. His debut book is a maze of panels and moments, fragmentary and symbolic in its approach to storytelling. Every page of artwork pulses with energy and movement, offering complicated collisions of visual delight. THE NOISELESS DIN is a brave new comic constructed architexturally, one that never reads the same way twice.

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“THE NOISELESS DIN is a Boschian origami/exquisite corpse of cartooning. Themes of flesh, faith versus science, pop culture, and the inevitability of chaos and destruction are expressed through a fecundity of drawings. The fragmentary structure of time in comics is infinitely bent and folded under Carruthers’ hand. Existential dread never looked so good.”
FIONA SMYTH, author of Somnambulance and The Never Weres

“A convention-busting, mind-bending visual treat of an experimental comic describing the physical & spiritual ravages of the capitalist/industrial project as it enters the 21st century. The visuals simultaneously evoke the great wordless socio-political graphic narratives of Ward, Masareel, and Drooker and the grotesque complexities found in the apocalyptic paintings of Brueghel and Bosch, all rendered in Carruthers’ own bombastic graphic style.”
MARC NGUI, author of The Unexpurgated Tale of Lordie Jones

“This graphic novel is a culmination of Scott Carruthers’ obsessive drawing practice that has refined a succinct graphic iconography to reflect the complex and contradictory reality of our time. THE NOISELESS DIN resonates with the logic of dreams and hallucinations; upon every viewing, it invites the reader to find new connections and meanings that strike into the heart of our unconscious understanding. The detail and craftsmanship found in each drawing transforms the mundane experience of everyday life into a philosophical reading that defies linear interpretation.”
RAE JOHNSON, painter/scholar/activist