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Image of 4PANEL 2
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Drazen Kozjan
Apparitions: Three Leaves from a Witch's Tree
Jessica Bartram
Erik Nebel
Why Don't We Come Together
Jonathan Dyck
Drawing Instants Falling Apart
Fiona Smyth
Maw Spoke
Hartley Lin

Afterword by: Barbara Postema

160pg full-colour offset / 9.5″H x 7.5″W / perfect-binding / blue foil enhancement on cover

ISSN: 23711272 (print) / 23711280 (electronic)


In the pages of 4PANEL 2, artists Jessica Bartram, Jonathan Dyck, Drazen Kozjan, Hartley Lin, Erik Nebel, Samplerman and Fiona Smyth explore the 4PANEL strip form in unique and beautiful ways, each presenting a collection of new strips in a self-contained section of the book.

In all ways an expansion on its predecessor, the massive 4PANEL 2 anthology demonstrates the ability of individual creators to artistically test the generative nature of the constraint-based 4PANEL template; the wonderful works filling up this book display a range of visual and representational styles, and of visual and narrative structures — and, happily, the resulting sections these seven contributors offer up could not be more different!

-------------------------( REVIEWS )-------------------------

“With results ranging from the abstract to the slapstick, from the poetic to the plain bizarre, the cartooning that results from 4PANEL's strict format is free, inspired and wonderfully new.”

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